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Pennsylvania DUI Association


The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Association is a professional organization working to address the DUI problem in all of its many stages — from prevention to enforcement up to, and including, adjudication and rehabilitation.

We provide information, direction, training and support with the purpose of working toward the elimination of impaired driving and the harm that it can cause.

Through our efforts we create a healthier and safer environment for all people in the Commonwealth.


The Pennsylvania DUI Association was established in 1979 as a non-profit, professional organization. The Association provides technical assistance and support to alcohol-highway safety professionals and other safety professionals representing the fields of highway safety.

Some of these services are available from the PA DUI Association under a technical assistance contract administered by PennDOT. Included in the Association’s responsibilities are DUI Instructor certification workshops, CRN Evaluator certification workshops, county DUI Coordinator training, management and technical assistance for county alcohol-highway safety programs, compilation and maintenance of the Alcohol Highway Safety Program directory for each county, and essentially any other activities directly related to alcohol-highway safety programs for professionals in Pennsylvania.

The Association also has a contract from PennDOT for the Quality Assurance of the Ignition Interlock program. The Ignition Interlock program provides a broad array of services, from training police officers and service centers, to inspecting installation site for quality assurance purposes. The program is also tasked with keeping statistics on the number of installations, safe miles driven, and the number of times an intoxicated driver was prevented from starting their car.

A grant for Law Enforcement Services is also under the Association’s purview. Training law enforcement officers for Sobriety Checkpoints, Standard Field Sobriety Testing, ARIDE, and Drug Recognition, is a large part of the LEL grant. Other activities under the grant are participation in the State’s Highway Safety Plan and NHTSA’s Enforcement and Mobilization waves.

The Association is divided into four geographic regions to facilitate networking and information dissemination to all members of the Pennsylvania DUI Association.

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