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How to Give Teens The Ride of Their Lives

Let’s face it – life’s lessons are best learned through experience.
Unfortunately, when the target audience is teens and the topic is drinking and driving, experience is not the teacher of choice.

Real-life experience without the real-life risks.
But now there’s a way teens can gain real-life exposure to the perils of impaired driving – without being put at risk. Introducing The Safety Bug, part of an innovative program developed by Pennsylvania Driving Under The Influence Association.

The PA DUI Safety Bug has been custom engineered to demonstrate the loss of control one would experience if operating a motor vehicle while in an impaired state. The key difference is that it’s the car – not the driver – who is “drunk.”

A trained mentor in the front passenger seat controls settings which cause the vehicle’s steering to lose its finesse and prompt the braking mechanisms to become unpredictable. The result is an unsettling episode for the teen in the driver seat who gains a firsthand glimpse of what it feels like to drive under the influence.

Driving home a message of safety.
While licensed teenage drivers are able to experience The Safety Bug from a vantage point behind the wheel, an equally valuable lesson is afforded backseat passengers. The youth who are “along for the ride” soon realize the helpless position they would be put in as passengers in the car of an impaired driver.

As you can imagine, lessons learned from a teen’s experience with The Safety Bug are likely to have a positive impact upon the participant’s future decisions – and help prevent risky behaviors, hopefully saving lives.

So you can begin to see, The Safety Bug is more than a gimmick in the shape of a car. It’s an educational tool that can shape a safe future for our youth. Call PA DUI to schedule an appearance of The Safety Bug at your location. A nominal amount is charged to cover operational and insurance costs, but the dividends pay off in the form of more young drivers thinking responsibly.

A Second Bug

With the great success of the original Safety Bug, it was our great pleasure to team up with Erie Insurance to create the Lookin Out Safety Bug. The Lookin’ Out Bug is now touring the Commonwealth and surrounding states educating students about the dangers of drinking and driving just like its predecessor.

Important Info

Driver Eligibility
Only students or adults with a valid driver’s license will be able to drive the Safety Bug. The driver’s license will have to be presented before the person is able to drive. Learner’s permits will not allow the individual to drive the Safety Bug; however, we encourage them to be “along for the ride” as passengers. Drivers showing any signs of impairment (due to drugs or alcohol) will not be permitted to participate in this event.

Event Staff
Event Rental Group agrees to provide three (3) representatives to work each event. Their responsibilities will be to help TEAM DUI with set-up, operation, and tearing down the course.

Required Course
The Safety Bug will only perform on flat, paved lots that are free of obstructions, with a minimum dimension of 200 x 250 feet. The lot must be free of potholes, curbstops, light poles, trees, medians, speed bumps, guard rails, or any vehicles.

The rental fee for the Safety Bug, the program and staff time, and travel is $1,350 per day plus one overnight room. Please inquire with the Association staff for additional costs associated with out of state travel and additional hours.

As part of this agreement, the rental group understands that the PA DUI Association is the main sponsor of this event and as such, will be included in any and all materials produced in association with this program. Furthermore, other sponsors secured toward the development of this vehicle will also be included. You may, however, include your organization as the local “sponsoring” group and produce materials at your own expense in addition to those provided. The PA DUI Association Safety Bug can not/will not be sponsored by individuals or groups whose efforts undermine the mission and scope of our organization.


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