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Saving lives virtually every day

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Inexperience is a leading cause of crashes among teen drivers

Traditionally, the only way for new drivers to gain experience was to practice in the family car with a parent, or to incur the cost of a driver’s education instructor. This often leaves new drivers with limited time behind the wheel and feeling uncertain about their driving skills. The SAFETY SIMulator is one way to gain additional experience. The SIMulator also lets you drive safely under many diverse and adverse conditions, including snow, fog and heavy traffic. It allows you to feel first hand how alcohol impairs your ability to steer and brake, and also shows the danger to you when other drivers are impaired.

Driving home a message of safety

With it’s real dashboard, steering wheel and driver’s seat, the SAFETY SIMulator provides realistic, hands-on experience. Training on the SIMulator helps individuals gain confidence in their ability as a driver and develop an appreciation for safety. The lessons in safe driving and the effects of impairment learned by a teen’s experience with the Safety SIMulator will have a positive impact upon the participants future decisions—and help prevent risky behaviors, hopefully saving lives.

Saving lives virtually every day

The Safety SIMulator is an educational tool that can help shape a safe future for our youth. Call the PA DUI Association (717.238.4354) for more information on fees and scheduling the Safety SIMulator at your school or event. 

What people are saying about the SIMulator The Simulator has the ability to not only induce intoxication into the user’s driving, but into the cars that are driving around you. It forces you to not only worry about how you are driving on the road, but also about the other motorists. Cumberland Valley High School student after driving the simulator The air conditioner and heating on the dashboard actually work. You can turn on the radio. You have to fasten your seatbelt. I liked how the operator could change the weather conditions—wind, rain, snow, fog.” Jackie Hackett, SADD Student of the Year

FACT SHEET Driver Eligibility

A driver’s license is NOT required to be able to participate in the Safety Simulator program.

Event Staff

Adult supervision, provided by the renting group, must be present at all times.

Space Requirement

The Safety Simulator is housed in a trailer that is pulled by a large truck. A space the approximate size of a tractor trailer is needed to park the Simulator.


The rental fee for the Safety Simulator, the program, staff time, and travel in Pennsylvania, is $1,350.00per day, which is equivalent to seven (7) hours, and one nights lodging (at a Holiday Inn or comparable facility). Please inquire with the Association staff for costs associated with out-of-state travel and additional hours.


As part of any agreement, the rental group understands that the PA DUI Association is the main sponsor of this event and, as such, will be included in any and all materials produced in association with this program. Furthermore, other sponsors secured toward the development of this device will also be included. You may, however, include your organization as the local “sponsoring” group and produce materials at your own expense in addition to those provided. The PA DUI Association Safety Simulator cannot/will not be sponsored by individuals or groups whose efforts undermine the mission and scope of our organization. The Association would like to extend its appreciation to State Farm Insurance for supporting the development of the SAFETY SIM and making the possibility a reality.

Safety SIM in Action

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