Pennsylvania DUI Association

Team DUI

The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Association is addressing the DUI problem in all its many stages–from prevention to enforcement up to and including adjudication and rehabilitation. We are a professional organization that provides direction, training, information and technical support to reduce the number of impaired drivers and the harm they cause.

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Our Accomplishments

Members of the Association have been instrumental in bringing the following to Pennsylvania:

PA DUI Safety Bug
DUI Victim’s Memorial Park
Comprehensive DUI legislation
Continuing education for hundreds of professionals in the field
Underage Drinking Curriculum
“Zero Tolerance Observer” newsletter about underage drinking for police and district justices
The Association houses and supports two organizations that work to keep the next generation from driving under the influence: Pennsylvania SADD and Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking.

Who We Are

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and professions with a common goal: to eliminate impaired driving. Our membership includes: educators, business people, citizen activists, district attorneys, drug and alcohol professionals, highway safety professionals, probation and parole officers, law enforcement officials, members of the judiciary, medical personnel, students and others.

What We Do

For 35 years, the Association has been developing relationships with organizations throughout the state. These relationships make the Association a leader in the fight to reduce DUI deaths and injuries.

The PA DUI Association strives to make Pennsylvania roads safer by:

-Promoting higher public awareness and understanding of DUI

-Training highway safety personnel

-Coordinating a statewide network of DUI-related groups and agencies

-Developing and distributing resource materials

-Providing quality assurance for the ignition interlock program

-Assisting with law enforcement activities

-Supporting local and community volunteers and organizations

-Providing technical support to those organizations that request assistance

-Coordinating the state SADD office

-Maintaining an effective alcohol highway safety system within the Commonwealth

Membership Benefits

Publications – “The Influence” is a bimonthly newsletter covering Association, local, state and national news on a broad array of highway safety topics, with a special focus on DUI. The “Government Update” is a quarterly review of the newest legislation, case law and public policy decisions as it relates to highway safety.

Regional Meetings – Each of the four membership regions hold quarterly meetings, which include networking opportunities, training, expert guest speakers, and other methods for updating members on local developments.

Annual Meeting – The Association’s fall conference is a three day event where participants receive training, network with other professionals, and are able to view the latest products used in the field. The Association’s Annual Meeting is a one-of-a-kind event in the field of highway safety, not only in the Commonwealth, but across the nation.

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